The rules of entry

We know you're really busy so we have made the process of entering the CovidComms Awards as simple as possible. For a start, we only want a maximum of 500 words - and if you try to write any more, our new computer system really does say no.

We would like every organisation to upload a corporate logo and that of any supporting agency. (Conversely, if any agency is entering, we'd like their logo plus that of any client.)

We'd also like a minimum of two items of supporting materials, but you can go wild - although we think probably five is enough.

If you're entering a team category, we'd like a picture of the team - we'll only be chasing for it afterwards! Similarly, for the agency category.

Entering the Best Leadership Communications category? No need to take us to your leader, but do include a mugshot!

What are the qualifying dates? Some organisations, particularly those with Chinese operations, may have begun their preparations earlier, which is fine, but in essence we are looking at the period since Britain went into lockdown on 23 March. However, it is perfectly fine to enter programmes that were running before this date that have been adapted or extended to take account of the new circumstances.

We are also aware that producing a return-on-investment for your work during this period, may be difficult. So what will the judges be looking for instead?

Here are some ideas

Speed of response



Impact on stakeholders

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