What’s happened to the CorpComms Awards?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

We have paused them... but we haven’t forgotten them. Just like Arnie: they'll be back!

Everybody knows that CorpComms loves a good party!

We pride ourselves on putting on the most innovative and fun awards event in the communicators’ calendar. And our regulars agree. However, in the current environment, we just don't believe that we will be able to put on the event that we are known for.

But more than that, we just don’t believe that our traditional awards are what is required just now. Does anybody really remember the work they were doing pre-pandemic? It just feels out of step with the here-and-now, which - for many communicators - feels like two years’ work condensed into four months.

It’s this work we believe should be celebrated this year - because, there's also a danger that, as communicators return to business-as-usual (even in unusual circumstances) they will forget the extraordinary achievements of 2020.

Nonetheless, the CorpComms Awards will return in 2021 - bigger and better than ever before. We will also try to recognise some of this year’s work which might otherwise fall through the cracks, although we are aware that - by then - what you did for your 2020 annual report, say, might be but a distant memory.

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