• Most effective leadership communications

    In a crisis, leadership matters more than ever. We’re looking for examples of how organisations have successfully adapted their communication strategies for their top leaders throughout the crisis across a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. Tell us what changed and why.

  • Most effective capital markets communications

    Many listed companies have had difficult stories to tell their investors or have been forced to innovate to keep lines of communication open. We're looking for clear and effective communications that played out well with shareholders.

  • Best charity partnership

    We’re looking for examples of how organisations have redeveloped or redefined long-standing partnerships with charities to reflect the current times and also examples of new partnerships, borne out of the crisis, and what they are achieving.

  • Best health campaign

    From offering advice on how to wash hands to suggesting ways to relieve stress, organisations have worked together to protect our health. We're looking for a creative campaign that cut through and resonated.

  • Best wellbeing initiative

    Mental health and wellbeing have risen to the top of the corporate agenda in recent years, and never have they been more in focus than during the Covid-19 crisis. We’re looking for examples of initiatives used to support remote and furloughed employees. These can be new or an adaption of existing initiatives to take account of the new circumstances.

  • Most effective essential worker communications

    Not every employee has been remote working or furloughed during this crisis. For many organisations, from supermarkets to the emergency services, employees have been called upon to do extraordinary things in extraordinary times. We’re looking for an employee communications strategic that is both effective and empathetic, helping essential workers feel both cared for and listened to.

  • Best employee engagement programme

    Never has keeping colleagues engaged, and feeling like they belong, been more important. We’re looking for specific initiatives in response to the impacts of lockdown, and examples of creative ways of keeping people connected, whether furloughed or not.

  • Most creative use of employee-generated content

    In a world in which ‘we’re all in it together’, employees have been keen to share their personal stories or films with colleagues. Some content was made to order while other gems were created by individuals to entertain their colleagues. We’re looking for creative ways in which this content has been used, that sum up the ethos and spirit of an organisation and its people.

  • Best integrated campaign

    Sometimes targeting one group of stakeholders just isn’t enough, or misses a trick. We’re looking for campaigns that have effectively tailored messaging and delivery methods to reach different stakeholder groups.

  • Best consumer campaign

    From sharing secret recipes, creating bespoke Zoom backgrounds to offering behind-the-scenes tours and virtual cookery classes, organisations have found innovative ways to keep in touch and stay relevant to consumers. We're looking for creative campaigns that resonated with their audiences.

  • Best use of influencers

    Influencers provide an effective path to engage with difficult-to-reach or non-traditional audiences. We’re looking for organisations that have worked with influencers to generate engaging, educational and entertaining content that is reflective of the current environment.

  • Best social media account

    During the current crisis, many organisations have relaxed their social media rules, allowing them to demonstrate a more authentic voice. We are looking for examples of how organisations have reflected the new normal in their social communications.

  • Best online external event

    From AGMs to virtual summits, organisations have been creative in their efforts to communicate with external stakeholders. We're looking for events that were either initially planned as physical ones and forced to adapt, or bespoke online events created to reach different stakeholder audiences.

  • Best online internal event

    From virtual town halls to Zoom quizzes, organisations have been creative in their efforts to communicate with employees. We're looking for events that were either initially planned as physical ones and forced to adapt, or bespoke online events, that engaged employees as never before.

  • Best embodiment of corporate purpose

    Actions speak louder than words. We’re looking for organisations who have demonstrated their corporate purpose through their response to the crisis.

  • Best community initiative

    We're looking for how an organisation has adapted or launched a community programme in response to the Covid 19 situation, and evidence of its positive impact on a range of different stakeholders.

  • Best agency

    Agencies have been called upon to support their clients in the most difficult of circumstances, whether that is offering resource to replace furloughed in-house team members or insight into how to convey challenging messages, but at the same time manage their own challenges. We want to celebrate those agencies who went above and beyond... just tell us how.

  • Best in-house team: internal communications

    Organisations have been quick to emphasise how their people have come first during Covid-19. Internal comms has been central to that, from ensuring colleagues have the appropriate resources to work from home to providing support and information to keep them engaged. We want to know about the role played by internal communications.

  • Best in-house team: corporate communications

    We're looking for in-house teams who have been central to their organisation's pandemic response, with examples of the part that they played. The key here is teamwork!

  • Best Zoom Bomb Award

    Free to enter

    Not every online video call has gone to plan. There have been naked interruptions, wailing children and errant pets demanding attention! Simply tell us your story: but if there's photographic proof, that's even better.

  • The ‘Not All Heroes Wear Capes’ Award

    Free to enter

    In every crisis, a hero emerges. We are looking for nominations for those heroes within the communications industry, who have gone that extra mile during the crisis. Just tell who they are and why they deserve to win, and please attach a picture! We'll pick one ultimate winner, but all the stories will be shared with our community.

  • The ‘I Want My Life Back’ Award

    Free to enter

    Not everyone has been as articulate as their comms lead or media trainer might have hoped. But who have been the absolute bloopers, who made you hold your head in your hands in agony? (Politicians on both sides of the pond are excluded.)

  • The ‘Let’s Try Drinking Disinfectant’ Award

    Free to enter

    Not every boss has got it right. We all know the villains, but who do you think was the absolute worst and why? (Politicians on both sides of the pond are excluded from this category.)

  • The Covidiot Award

    Free to enter

    Not all organisations have got it right and some have got it terribly wrong. You name some names, and we will deliver the trophies


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